Founded in San Francisco by team from Jamaica and the Philippines, T-shirts4U offers affordable, tees you can wear to show your pride in your home country, city, or that special place that lives in your heart.

Inspired by their Caribbean roots, traveling experiences, and coastal living, the T-shirts4U team wanted to create destination t-shirts, but soon the idea developed further and they came up with a concept of making t-shirts that would fit you, in every way. 

Super soft tees that will fit your body, your style, your mindset, and your personal story. Tees that you can proudly wear anywhere and show your love for a place that makes you happy, whether that place is your home town or somewhere where you had a great adventure.

For T-shirts4U, this is what makes up your personal history: places, memories, stories. We make t-shirts that make you feel close to your roots, your identity, your tribe. Feel it in your skin, like a soft tropical breeze, with a T4U t-shirt.