Affordable T-Shirt for you VEM Designs - What is in a Name?

Hello and Welcome to Vem Designs pronounced "VEM" versus "V.E.M.". VEM is named after Victoria M and Elizabeth M, two sister and best friend from California.

What is in this for me?

We started the company in 2019 to offer affordable a personality inspired t-shirts. Each shirts tell a a story about You. Pass it on to someone special as a gift that speaks to their uniqueness or their roots. Visited that special place like Japan, Lake Tahoe or and Island Country? Wear a piece you remember to inspire you to visit again.

Or if you love a bespoke t-shirt designed in house that looks great, perfect and thank you for your business.

Our Best Sellers

ven designs ven designs ven designs ven designs

Jamaica did you know?

Jamaican has 2 million English speakers. It ranks only behind the United States and Canada where English is the primary language for territories including North, Central and South American.

Yes more English is spoken elsewhere in other territories. However not a the first language.

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